A few words about us

Nicola Price founded B2BC Mobile Tax & Solutions in 2015 during a time when the entrepreneurial community in Kansas City was thriving. Her undergraduate degree in accounting from Keller/DeVry University along with the extensive and continuing education in taxation well positioned her to be a competitive force and leader in the community.

Though owning a business was not her initial goal, which included moving up the “corporate ladder”, feelings of restlessness and unfulfillment settled in that drew her to the UMKC Fast Trac course for aspiring entrepreneurs. That class is where she would develop some lasting relationships and would attain her very first clients!

Fast forward to today, Nicola has grew her business year over year and continues to give back to her community volunteering her time with PUK Labs and serving as governance chair on the board of the Better Business Bureau. She is a member of the Missouri Society of Accountants and continues to take advantage of opportunities to advance the profession, increase her development and serve others.

Her drive to educate the public about tax policy, personal finance and the “business behind the business” has catapulted her into rooms and put her in front of people of which she wouldn’t have otherwise found herself. And so the journey continues.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide strategic tax solutions and support services to individuals and small businesses that support economic growth in their communities and abroad.

Our Vision

To be the trusted liaison for tax compliance and policy.

How we work

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Our clients