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Our mission is to provide strategic tax solutions and support services to individuals and small businesses by administering practical tools and education, innovation technology and exceptional services.

We Are Always Here to Help.

B2BC Mobile Tax and Solutions provide strategic accounting and tax solutions for individuals, small businesses, non-profits and government entities. Located in Kansas City since 2015, our growing team is ready to serve as your outsourced accounting team.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, B2BC Mobile Tax & Solutions founder Nicola Price understands the accounting and tax challenges that individuals and business owners face. Our team is ready to help – our goal is to efficiently and effectively handle your accounting needs so that you can focus on running your business.

Client-Centric Service


We have implemented TACTICS that guide our business to foster a cohesive environment that supports our efforts in fulfilling our mission:


Trust is the foundation of every successful relationship, and we understand that you can’t be the champion of change where trust is not present. Therefore, every transaction both internally and externally whether be it with our vendors, customers, team members, contractors and corporate partners is handled with respect and care and we will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it effects.


Agility in responding to the needs of our customers and team members.


Creativity is the engine behind our solutions to our clients. That is why we breed a culture of openness and collaboration because we value the experiences, education and knowledge of each of our team members and together the possibilities are limitless.


Transparency makes open and honest communication the norm and not the exception.


Inclusivity is ingrained into the makeup of our organization starting from the top. We believe that everyone should have a fair and equitable opportunity to make a change and contribute to the betterment of the organization and the communities in which we work and live.


Client-centered focus guides us to approach each decision with the question, “Does this best serve our customer?”. By leading this way we ensure that we always keep the needs of the customer first.


Simple minimizes confusion so that everyone is able to come to a meeting of the minds in order to effectively and efficiently tackle the challenges and goals set before us.

Company Background

Serving from Kansas City since 2015

B2BC Mobile Tax & Solutions was incorporated on August 28th, 2015 in Missouri. Missouri is in the Midwest and is the 19th most populous state in the United States. The company headquarters is located at 7431 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64114. It is in the Waldo District of Kansas City. Kansas City is one of two most populous major metropolitan cities in Missouri, second to St. Louis and is adjacent to neighboring state of Kansas.

The firm is a professional services firm created to provide tax solutions that empower consumers and small businesses by eliminating frustration, risk and loss. The NAICS codes of which the company identifies include:  541213, 541219, 541214, 541199. The company provides a number of business services including accounting, payroll, consulting, and business tax compliance. Consumers are serviced under mytaxsubscription™ in which all their tax needs are met including tax resolutions.

B2BC Mobile Tax & Solutions was founded by Nicola Price. Upon working for tax retailers she recognized an opportunity to more effectively serve taxpayers after witnessing their frustration. To acquire practical guidance on starting and operating a small business she took an entrepreneurial course. It was there that she would acquire a handful of clients and has since added team members while servicing over 100+ clients to date.



Nicola Price

Nicola Price, Owner

Nicola Price founded B2BC Mobile Tax & Solutions in 2015. She holds a degree in accounting from Keller/DeVry University and is a graduate of the UMKC Fast Trac course for aspiring entrepreneurs. She has extensive continuing education in taxation, and is driven to educate the public about tax policy, personal finance, and the “business behind the business.”

Nicola has grown her business year over year and continues to give back to her community, volunteering her time with Kansas City Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants For The Arts  (KCVLLA) and serves on the board of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Kansas City. She is a member of the Missouri Society of Accountants (MSA) and continues to take advantage of opportunities to advance the profession, increase her professional development, and serve others.

(816) 410-0694 | nprice@b2bcmobiletax.com

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Diana Thatcher
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Kelsa Carey

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