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Join us at one of our events where we get into the weeds of taxes and how to leverage it to increase your bottom line. We host one or more events monthly and you will find current and future events on this page. Don’t forget to signup for our newsletter for even more tips! See you soon!

What’s Happening?!

Events may be in person, virtual or hybrid. See the descriptions below for more details on each specific event.

Financial Tax-ology: Making Taxes Make Sense 


This Financial literacy is to provide you with the different methods that can be applied before the end of the year, for the upcoming 2023 tax season. You will gain a better understanding of the following:

  • How/Why your taxes will increase?
  • Applying methods on what to lower your income and tax liability.
  • How to implement the methods to prevent tax increase, lower income and tax liability that can yield a refund.

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Walk In Wednesday

Let’s get ready to WIN! Walk In Wednesday is a perpetual event for small business owners who desire to stay ahead of unforseen tax challenges. Taxes are a persistent threat to small business owners and are constantly changing. As such, we understand that a lot of business owners will be hit with huge tax bills due to the expiration of covid related tax benefits. Our solutions will identify your current risks, develp a plan and help with implementation. If you to prefer to book a specific day and time, simply click here to complete the form and we will follow up within 24 hours. Otherwise, feel free to drop in between 9am and 4pm.